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Blog Writing

About 5 years ago my yoga teacher wrote a piece called Making Dots.  It was about making connections with people in different places such that if you marked them as dots on a map, you would see lit-up connections dots all over.

When I read her post, I remember thinking 3 things - 1) what a cool concept, 2) how wonderful and lucky she is to have many connections in many places (she is a beautiful, kind, and loving person and she deserves it), and 3) feeling envious and sad because I didn’t have that kind of connection and deeply desired it.  My heart craved more friendships, more loving connections, more meaningful relationships, but I was shy, anxious, and introverted.  Fear of being judged and misunderstood, taking risks, and exploring the unknown kept my world very small.

Now - 5 years later - when I reflect on my own dots, my heart bursts with love and gratitude because I have made so many amazing connections.  Through life-changing personal growth work that I have been passionat...

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